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1. Anime&Manga and MORE ! By W eiwei

2. Anime? C OMICS AND CARTOONS! You like them? But I like ANIME and MANGA (Japanese comics) better. Why? You might know that every one of the comics is developed from anime. So think about why you like the comics. Because the characters get to do awesome stuff that nobody can do in real world! And that's exactly the charm of anime- it's endlessly inventive. Magical powers, talking animals, stories about a different world. . .Compared to cartoons, only the characters are more human-like. Wanna know more about how the evolution happened? Yeah? Now let’s start at the very beginning, when Osamu Tezuka started stunning Japan with his amazing Tetsuwan Atomu.

3. The history of Anime & Manga The world had changed a lot in the last 33 years. At that time Japan    was still considered a place that copied North America stuff and produced cheap toys. The destruction caused by the World War II has not moved far away from people’s everyday life, and the atomic explosion in Nagasaki and Hiroshima was very fresh memories still. And then Osamu Tazuka- a great, established manga artist at that time- bravely told the story of the little robot boy with an atomic heart. This show did something pretty amazing: Producer Fred Ladd took a look at it and decided it might actually be popular in North America, but the show need to look better somehow. Soon American money entered the project of making-this show-look-better, and Ta-Da! Astro Boy was born! Sure enough, it did became a hit, and got many Amarican people to be one the first anime fans. But then the USA broadcasters complained about the violence in the shows, and characters might die during the story. Which is not really suitable for kids. The Japanese tried, but the stories are still not appropriate. As a result, the American audiences never saw the last episode. So what? You think IT'S OVER? NOOO?!! (Hint: Even in USA today it's still popular... so watch what happened next.)

4. So What Happened Next? Meanwhile in Japan, anime and manga became more and more popular. Movies started to appear -which I’m pretty sure you know Studio Ghibli and all the anime films it made -and more stories too. Slowly it creeped into other countries, such as USA, Korea and China (I grew up in anime, just so you know.). Gradually as the Japanese ones became more famous, the countries developed their own, like Superman, Bone, or the Star Stealing Girl. This Company/studio-

5. New anime is nice. But classical, beloved ones are even better!! So watch some of the classics from Japan. Seriously, they are the BEST! (Here're a list of real good ones recommended for you if you don't know what to do!!)

6. A Little List of the Famous Animes! (Of my favourites & other beloved ones)    -One Piece -Eiichiro Oda -Attack on Titans -Hajime Isayama -Shugo Chara -Peach-Pit -Reborn! -Akira Amano    -Fairy Tail -Hiro Mashima -Naruto -Masashi Kishimoto -Dragon Ball -Akira Toriyama    -Kuroko’s Basketball -Tadatoshi Fujimaki    -Bleach -Tite Kubo -Sailor Moon -Naoko Takeuchi

7. Anime=Anime=Anime? NO. Speaking of anime, I'm pretty much sure every one of the image popping up in your head right now is a human like girl with enormous eyes and long, silky hair. You are wrong! Even snowflakes differ from each other, and same is anime. It's why we're attracted to animes, or watching different ones will just be TOTALLY boring if they are with the same style. Now I'll show you some inquiries about different authors drawing the same person.

8. See the difference?

9. So now you must be wondering. . .How are cartoons different from anime? Generally, cartoon is considered a twisted sort of anime. . .

10. . . .(Not too)surprisingly, cartoons have a significant difference from it. . .

11. . . .And they don't fit well Together Either.

12. Anime Expos (AX) Anime Expos are made especially for anime fans. It's a big event where you can go sell and buy any anime stuff. You can cosplay, sell your DIY's, or simply be a guest, walk around and just enjoy. The commom features of a AX are stores (of course), guest panels, concerts, arcades, competetions, cosplay contests, workshops, and so much more! To make you even more excited-there is a Anime Expo happening this summer in Vancouver!! To know more about it, the information website is included in the bibligraphy.

13. Cosplays! Ever heard of cosplays? I bet you have. Cosplays is the short for "costume play". It's when people in real life dress up as characters in animes and manga and take pictures of them. When they were satisfied with their work, they will post them onto all kinds of social media websites. This topic in the AX category because- seriouslyan AX is not an AX anymore if there were no cosplays. Here're some examples of cosplayers hacing fun at an AX.

14. So Now You Know Anime is AWESOME...Wanna Learn How to Do it? Here is a Recommandation of a Book instructing it...

15. (Well. . .This is more of a cartoon styled manga instruction book. But sure, it works. There're even a E-Book website fot this-check it out in the bibliography!!) "If you love Manga, you’ll eat Manga For Dummies, right up. This step-by-step guide shows you how to create all of your favorite Manga characters from rough sketch through final full-color renderings. You’ll build your skills as you draw animals, mythical creatures, superheroes, teenagers, and villains— along with their weapons, cars, and homes. Soon you’ll be inventing your own characters and placing them in stylish poses and stirring action scenes. Before you know it you’ll be knocking out storyboards and plotlines for you own Manga book. Find out how to: -Gear up for drawing with all the right tools and materials -Develop the basic skills of Manga figure drawing -Customize and accessorize your Manga characters -Design spectacular weapons, gadgets, mechas, and vehicles -Create 3-D drawings and give characters motion and emotion -Write an exciting Manga Story Complete with a stunning, full-color 8 page insert, Manga for Dummies is your real-life guide to the ultimate fantasy world."

16. Bibliography!!!   globalHistory/part1/    %20For%20Dummies.pdf (E-Book of Manga for Dummies) 

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