Japanese cartoon (anime)

1. i me (Japane se Cartoon)An

2. A nime FAQS• Anime - abbreviated pronunciation of "animation" inJapanese•In earlier years, anime is used in education andpropaganda.• Ozamu Tezuka "Godfather of Anime or God of Manga" -the creator of Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion, and BlackJack• Oldest known anime in existence first screened in 1917.A two-minute clip of a samurai trying to test a new swordon his target, only to suffer defeat.

3. A nime FAQS• Momotaros Divine Sea Warriors "Momotaro: Umi noShinpei" is the first Japanese feature-length animatedfilm.• The World of Power and Women "Chikara to Onna no Yono Nakahe" is the first Japanese anime of any type tofeature voiceovers.• The Story of the Concierge Mukuzo Imokawa "ImokawaMukuzo Genkanban no Maki" is the first professionalJapanese animation film ever made.

4. A nime FAQS• Anime (Eye styles)Osamu Tezuka, was believed to have been the first to usethis technique, was inspired by the exaggerated featuresof American cartoon characters such as Betty Boop,Mickey Mouse, and Disneys Bambi.• Anime (Facial expressions)Embarrassed or stressed characters either produce amassive sweat-drop or produce a visibly red blush or set ofparallel (sometimes squiggly) lines beneath the eyes.

5. A nime FAQS• Anime (Facial expressions) cont..Shocked or surprised characters will perform a "facefault", in which they display an extremely exaggeratedexpressionAngry characters may exhibit a "vein" or "stress mark"effect on their foreheadMale characters will develop a bloody nose around theirfemale love interests (typically to indicate arousal)Characters may also have large "X" eyes to show aknockout

6. Know your Anime Title: Astroboy "Tetsuwan Atom" Creator: Osamu Tezuka Air Date: 1952

7. Know your Anime Title: Gundam Creator: Hajime Yatate Air Date: 1979

8. Know your Anime Title: Dragonball Z Creator: Akira Toriyama Air Date: 1986

9. Know your Anime Title: Rurouni kenshin Creator: Nobuhiro Watsuki Air Date: 1996

10. Know your Anime Title: One piece Creator: Eiichiro Oda Air Date: 1999

11. Know your Anime Title: Naruto Creator: Masashi Kishimito Air Date: 2002

12. Know your AnimeTitle Creator Air Date (Year)Kimba the white Osamu Tezuka 1960lion "JungleEmperor"Gundam Hajime Yatate 1979Macross Shoji Kawamori 1982Saint Seiya Masami Kurumada 1986Ranma 1/2 Rumiko Takahashi 1989

13. Know your AnimeTitle Creator Air Date (Year)Crayon shin-chan Yoshito Usui 1992Black jack Osamu Tezuka 1993Detective Conan Gosho Aoyama 1996Princess Hayao Miyazaki 1997MononokeYu-gi-oh Kazuki Takahashi 1998

14. Know your AnimeTitle Creator Air Date (Year)Detective Conan Gosho Aoyama 1996Hunter × Hunter Yoshihiro Togashi 1999Spirited away Hayao Miyazaki 2001Bleach Tite Kubo 2004Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima 2009


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